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Benefits of Sauna Usage After Your Workout

Feb 17 2014

Are you someone who loves an intense workout but hates the uncomfortable soreness afterwards? If the answers to both of these questions are yes, then you should consider adding sauna use as an after workout regimen. Like the average person, soreness can occur after a brutal workout despite the amount of stretching you do. It may also occur when you first begin a new workout routine. This is why regular sauna usage is beneficial and should be adapted into your after work out routine.

Studies have shown that a sauna session can help loosen muscles to prevent that pesky soreness that can develop after an workout. Sauna usage can also alleviate deep muscle pain and achy joints.

The heat causes your body temperature to rise, which then forces blood vessels to dilate. The increased blood circulation accelerates the body’s natural healing process, which is why you won’t feel so tight and sore the next day. Sauna usage relaxes your body over all and can help to prepare it for the next work out.

The actual sweating process also assists in your recovery.  Each session cleanses your skin through deep sweating by rinsing out bacteria and replacing the dead skin cells which results in a healthy after glow. Heat also opens up your pores and softens the skin. Yet, another reason why Red Square Spa is where you want to be!




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