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Sauna Safety Tips

Feb 04 2014

The temperature is dropping in Chicago and that can make visiting the sauna an even more pleasurable experience. However, Red Square wants to assure that your sauna visits are always enjoyable as well as safe. Please take a look at the following sauna safety tips:

1.  Avoid over visiting the sauna. A typical visit should be between 15-20 minutes. It is also important to take breaks while in the sauna; intermittently leaving out for a few minutes if you do spend longer than 20 minutes inside.

2. After the sauna, cool down gradually. It is best to take a warm shower after your sauna visit as opposed to a cold one.

3. Wear the proper attire or bring a towel to sit on while inside a sauna. Many people like to enjoy the sauna in the nude with a towel wrapped around them. This is acceptable, however for the most hygiene experience, users should also bring an extra towel to sit on.

4. Depending on the medication you are using, avoid the sauna, If you are on medication, we suggest that you get your doctor’s ok before using a sauna.

5. It is very important to stay hydrated. Sauna users should drink several cups of water after the sauna.

6. Check the temperature. The maximum allowed sauna temperature in Canada and the United States is 194°F (90°C). Some European countries allow much higher temperatures, which can be unsafe. Assure that the temperature is comfortable to you personally.


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