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European Manicure Definition and Advantages

Feb 04 2014

A European manicure, also known as a “dry manicure”  is one of the most underrated manicures today. Unlike a traditional manicure, the European manicure is known for being a more healthy alternative.

The advantages of this particular manicure are that the hands are typically soaked in a soothing blend of herbs and water versus the harsh chemicals that many standard manicures use. Cutting tools are not used which ensures that this will be a less painful procedure. Instead of tweezers and scissors, a wooden stick is used to manage cuticles and nails.

Don’t forget the massage! One of the more unique aspects of a European manicure is that a hand massage is also a part of the process. This helps to relieve tension that often builds up even in your hands. Your nails are then cleaned, shaped and finally a color or design is applied.


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