Creating Memories With Red Square Spa

Thank you for getting back to me. Many years ago (50) my father would take me to the shvitz every week for the stream rooms, the oak leaves in a bucket of soap, eating dinner wearing our sheets, relaxing and bonding. It is a memory I’ve held for all my life, and now I can share that same experience with my son.

The above comment is from a recent visitor to the spa who brought his teenage son to the spa for the first time. The beauty of Red Square is that you can truly create a lifetime memory with your children within the spa doors. We offer experiences such as the sauna, tanning, spa or even a relaxing lunch to be shared with your children.

For individuals of Russian heritage, the relevance in a visit to our spa is that you can provide your child with a traditional Russian bathe house experience that may otherwise no longer be available to them while in the U.S. We also serve traditional Russian cuisine for you and your children to enjoy. You can relive some amazing moments from your own time in Russia while they can have a deeper understanding of your experience.

Not to worry. If traditional Russian cuisine is not your child’s desired choice we also have fan favorites such as chicken tenders, hamburgers, tatter tots and other kid friendly choices.

Whether fulfilling a bonding moment with your child, showing them a taste of Russia or simply enjoying a relaxing day at the spa; Red Square is here to help you build memories.