Red Suqare



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$35 Dollars Includes Day Admission with Robes, Towels, and Slippers.


Traditional Platza – $30
Fully grown leaves of birch, oak or eucalyptus are bundled together and soaked in warm water for about 2- min. A quick 10-min. second soak in hot water makes the venik soft and fragrant, providing an organic aromatherapy throughout the platza.

Soap Scrub – $30
Platza Therapist uses a seaweed broom with hot soap water for massage from head to toe.

Body Scrub – $40
Platza Therapist uses a soaked seaweed broom followed by body exfoliation scrub.

Signature Russian/Turkish Platza – $55
Complete experience of platza service with exfoliation scrub finished with a relaxing body massage.

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