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The Benefits of Sauna Usage

Feb 04 2014

Sauna usage has been in use for centuries and it continues to be a natural health benefactor. Here are a few reasons why regular sauna usage should be implemented into your healthy lifestyle.

1. Sauna’s sweat out toxins

Many of the tens of thousands of man-made chemicals in our environment make their way into our food, water, and air.Sweat mobilizes toxins stored in the fat and enhances their elimination. On an average day, your eccrine glands put out about a quart of sweat. But when you hang out in a sauna, they pump out that much in 15 minutes. So sweat out those toxins!

2. Sauna’s are good for your heart

While sitting in a sauna, the heart gets a gently work out. The heat also dilates the capillaries while improving blood flow.

3. Sauna usage can lessen the affects of mild depression

Regular sauna use has been linked to lessen the affects of mild depression. It has also been said to assist in appetite loss according to the research conducted by by staff at the Psychosomatic Medicine, Respiratory and Stress Care Center at Kagoshima University Hospital, Japan.

4. Sauna usage can assist in controlling mild fatigue

In 2005, Japanese researchers published evidence that repeated infrared heat therapy dramatically improved symptoms such as fatigue, pain, sleep disturbance, and low-grade fever after 15 to 25 sessions. The patients continued infrared heat therapy daily for 35 days and then once or twice a week for a year. There was no relapse or exacerbation of symptoms during the first year after discharge.


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